Treat Waggin'

The Treat Waggin' is a fully-stocked food truck for pets, bringing tail wags and fun to dozens of local family-and-pet friendly events!

Rolling Classroom

In addition to its community involvement, the Treats Unleashed Treat Waggin' also serves as a rolling classroom - with knowledgeable staff on board to answer questions about the best products for your pets.

Follow the Waggin'

Want to do something fun with your pet & pick up some free swag along the way? Pack up your pups and visit the Treat Waggin' at these upcoming pet-focused events in the St. Louis area!


St. Ann Party in the Park
Thursday, July 11 | 5:00 – 8:30pm | Tiemeyer Park
Event Info

Jasper’s Dog Days of Summer
Saturday, July 13 | 9am-12pm | Parkview Gardens, Florist & Greenhouses
Event Info

Speakeasy for Double Merles
Sunday, July 14 | 11am-4pm | Purina Farms Event Center
Event Info

Book the Treat Waggin'

Want the Treat Waggin' to roll up to your next big pet event?

Send us an email with a brief description of your event, the date and time and how many pets and people you anticipate to attend. Our team will will review your request and reply back with our availability within a week.