Treat Truck

Our Treat Truck is a fully-stocked food truck for pets, bringing tail wags and fun to dozens of local family-and-pet friendly events!

“The idea for the Treat Truck began when we wanted a unique way to get more involved within our community. As an active supporter of animal rescues and organizations that improve the lives of pets in our area, we wanted a fun way to participate in all kinds of events — from charity runs, to food truck gatherings, to education fairs — that benefit those rescue groups and animal organizations. When the Treat Truck pulls up to an event, you get a free tasty treat for your dog that attended the event with you and coupons for free treats at our stores to those who couldn’t bring their pet to the event with them,” said Teresa Miller, owner and founder of Treats Unleashed.

Rolling Classroom

In addition to its community involvement, the Treats Unleashed Treat Truck also serves as a rolling classroom - with knowledgeable staff on board to answer questions pet owners may have about the best products for their pets.

Treat Truck Events

Watch for Treat's Unleashed's rolling ambassador - the Treat Truck - at pet-focused events in the St. Louis area. You'll find details on our events tab or on our Facebook page.

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Book the Treat Truck

To book the Treats Unleashed Treat Truck for your next big event, contact