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Frequent Barkers Club Specials for April Save big on Tiki Cat cans – Buy 4, get 1 FREE! Whole food diet Complete and balanced for all life stages Super palatability Biologically appropriate natural prey diet ​20% off Primal Freeze-dried treats for dogs & cats ​C​runchy​, irresistible grain​-​, gluten​-​, and preservative-free snack Healthy, single-source, high protein treat ​for cats & dogs​ […]

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Made-from-scratch and decorated-with-love, our 5-inch Easter Egg treats are sure to make your pups “spring into action!” You know some ‘bunny’ in your family will love a colorful and delicious jumbo Easter egg treat! Decorated in fun spring colors with dots, squiggles, stripes and more, a jumbo egg is perfect for any Easter basket. Want […]

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