Groom your pet the way you'd want to be groomed - Cage free. Stress free. No wait. One-on-one personalized attention.


Experience the Treats Unleashed Salon Difference

Cage free. No wait. – At other pet grooming salons, your pet could wait hours in a tiny cage to see a groomer and then be put back in the cage after their appointment is over. Sounds stressful, right? At Treats Unleashed, you will meet your pet’s groomer when you drop off your pet to discuss your pet’s custom cut, and we’ll call (or text) you when your pet is finished, so there is little-to-no wait time.

One-on-one attention. No distractions. – At other grooming salons, your pet could be treated like just one of many in the grooming production line for the day, but at Treats Unleashed, your pet is given on-on-one attention without any distractions. Quality over quantity means our groomers take as much time as they need with each groom. Our groomers get to know your pet on a personal level.

Stress free. Relaxing. – At other grooming salons, groomers can be under pressure to complete a certain number of grooms each day to hit a “quota”, but there’s no “quota” at Treats Unleashed. Our groomers are encouraged to take as much time as they need to make your pet feel comfortable and give them the perfect custom cut. That’s the Treats Unleashed difference.

All Grooming Appointments Include:

  • A bath with natural shampoo and conditioner
  • A custom cut
  • A thorough drying with brush out
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning

Wash and Dry Appointments Include:

  • A bath with natural shampoo and conditioner
  • A thorough drying with brush out
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning

Additional Services:

  • Walk-in nail trims available during normal grooming hours! (Please call ahead to make sure there is a groomer on hand to assist you.)
  • Pet tooth brushing available
  • Optional nail grinding and buffing also available


You don't just have to take our word for it, here's a few words from grooming customers and our groomers themselves!


“THE BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE! This was our first time at Treats Unleashed and the staff was outstanding. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. One of the workers gave my pup a treat right when we walked in! We also got a little new customer welcome bag with some fun stuff inside! The groomer came out and met with us and asked about cut/what all we would like done. My dog is normally a little anxious and throws a temper tantrum whenever I leave him, but he didn’t even notice this time! He must have really loved and felt comfortable with the groomer. 🙂 It took about 2 hours and he looks great! She did a beautiful job and it was very reasonably priced. Will DEFINITELY be back and will never go anywhere else again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – Amanda C.

” I absolutely love getting my dog groomed at Treats Unleashed. It took years and several grooming locations to find the perfect place for my anxiety-riddled pup. Love the 1:1 and the fact that I can count on him being ready in an hour and a half (no kennel time). The groomers are all very nice and listen to my requests every time. I’ve been to 3 locations and have never had issues. That’s another perk. There are several locations so if I can’t get an appointment at my local store, I can usually get an appointment at another location not too far. Love the consistency and care! I can’t say enough great things about this place and I appreciate all you guys do!! THANK YOU!! “ – Caitlin A.

“Kaitlyn is a wonderful groomer and treats my dog like family each time we come in. The staff in the store are all friendly and I very much enjoy going into the store.” Cindy P.

“I love taking Daisy to this shop to get her groomed. They do an amazing job. She is a rescue dog who is afraid of everything including the wind and the lady that grooms her is so good with her and takes such good care of her. Daisy always looks amazing when she is done. So thankfully the groomer is so loving and takes such good care of her. She even uses lavender scented shampoo products to help calm Daisy while she works with her and she is always very nice about talking with me regarding any health concerns for Daisy. I would highly recommend this store for grooming and pet needs.” – Belinda S.


I love working for TU because they want what is best for the pet, which means quality over quantity. They let me take as much time as I need with each groom so I can spend time with the dogs and get to know them. I love not being rushed! I look forward to going to work each day to not only groom my clients, but to spend personal quality time with them! TU 100% saved my grooming career. At my previous job, we were forced to take more dogs than we were capable of doing just to make the company money. That couldn’t be farther from how Treats Unleashed runs things! I love TU grooming.”- Emily, Creve Coeur

I love our stress-free grooming at Treats Unleashed. Each dog gets their own amount of time so it’s just me and the dog getting to spend time together and they get to relax a little easier since it’s quiet and then they get to go home instead of being stressed in a crate for hours. When they walk out of the room you can tell they feel fresh, clean, and cute.” – Brittney, Kirkwood

By far my most favorite thing about having more personalized time with my furry four legged clients is that they’ve become to know and love me just how I love them. Having your groom pup searching for you and then go running and tackling you with kisses and crying out of excitement is by far the most amazing and rewarding experience. Not only do you know you’ve done something right along the way but you know that pup has trusted you and allowed you into their life. Nothing beats that feeling. Grooming is so much more than just the haircut, it’s the pets experience.” – Kaitlyn, Leawood

I like building personal relationships with each one of my clients and their pets. Also, I love having one on one time with every dog that I groom!” – Tericka, Chesterfield

My favorite part about grooming at TU would have to be the private one on one appointments. It’s less stressful for the pups and most of them even look forward to their grooming appointment!” – Paige, Central West End

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