Thank you to everyone who participated in March Catness. Unfortunately, we have had to shut the contest down due to a voting issue out of our control.   We strive to always have a fun, friendly and fair competition between contestants and did not wish any to have an unfair advantage. We appreciate your understanding. 

Hissin' Sixteen Voting

Thirty-two cats have been chosen at random to compete in the 2019 March Catness Photo Contest. Each week, these cats will go head-to-head in their ‘hoops bracket’ for the most votes. The cats with the most votes will move up in the tournament brackets for the chance to become the 2019 Feline Champ!

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Vote for your favorite felines below! Hissin' Sixteen Voting ends at 9:00 AM on Thursday, March 14th. One vote per household (IP Address).

Blair: Blair is a purring five-year-old rescue. She spends her days meowing at stray kitties, eating tuna treats, and taking long naps. Blair is known for her fluffy lion cut pouf.

Pepper: Pepper is a 10 month old ball of fluff who loves to play with dad’s shoe strings while he tries to tie his shoes, LOVES treats and will meow loudly until she gets one, and prefers not to sleep at 3am.

Gia: Gia Sophia Rodriquez (aka Gia Bia) has kept us on our toes this last 1.5 years! Whether it’s finding her treats, demanding snuggles, or licking our ears she makes her presence known!We love our gray kitty!

Sir Ocelot: I’m in my favorite blue chair just watching the world go by.

Zephyr: Zephyr (fka Otis) is a kitty rags to riches story. He climbed the cat tower of life—from the streets to king of the castle. He’s a survivor with a sweet face, stumpy legs and a heart of gold.

Blaze: Blaze is a 3 year old short hair. He not only spends his time playing fetch with balls and toy mice but he also doubles as my service animal. He’s the best family member ever!

Zeke: Zeke is the master of the sneak attack. His favorite hiding place is behind the shower curtain.

Mae: Hi! My name is Mae! I’m 2 years old and they think I am a Turkish Van mix. My favorite activities are going outside on my harness and getting belly and armpit scratches!

Madison: Hi I’m Madison. I don’t let my lack of an eye slow me down. My mom and dad say I inspire them to be brave but I’m just a girl that loves to play, chase birds and keep my brother dog in check.

Gray: Busted! Gray also likes helping me on the computer and teasing my other cat. Even though he spent a rough first year outside, Gray is a gentle, curious cat who is loved by all, especially me.

Kit: Kit, actually knocked on our window, some years ago, for three days straight; our kids convinced my husband to let him come inside. Kit’s been part of our family ever since that day.

Twix: Twix stretching before the big game.

Tooch: Tooch is a 5-year-old feline rescue, but she doesn’t look a day over 2. She conserves energy for the game through her hobbies: loafing, lounging in front of warm vents, napping and taking selfies.

Jude: Jude is a super sweet, adventurous Male Nebelung rescued cat. Born outside, lived in U-haul trailer. We rescued this sweet boy in July if 2016. We love his curiosity fo hikes and outdoor adventures.

Peanut: Peanut spends her days stalking her prey (aka her brother Leo), peeling across the house at Nascar speeds! She slows down only to sneak out of the locked cat door to chase the leaves in the backyard.

Poppy Rose: Hi I’m Poppy! I have cerebellar hypoplasia but that doesn’t stop me from being a total diva!


First Place Winner will receive one FREE case of any Weruva Cats in the Kitchen food every month for the next year (April 2019 – March 2020). This case consists of 24, 3.2 oz cans.

Furry Four Runner Ups will receive a one-time FREE variety pack of Cats in the Kitchen Pouches ($18 value).