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3 Spotlight Groups for November!

Treats Unleashed has selected Second Chance, Central Missouri Humane Society and ARFFMO as its Spotlight Organizations for November 2017!

All proceeds from the sale of our special Spotlight Treats will be donated to Second Chance, Central Missouri Humane Society, and ARFFMO to help their pets get the care they need till they find their forever homes.

Spotlight treats are just 95¢ each, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to these three great rescue groups so that they can continue to provide veterinary care, foster care and nurturing for special needs cats and kittens until they are ready for their furever homes!

Why we care about ARFFMO!
Animal Responsibility for Fayette Missouri (ARFF MO) was created in 2009 when the town of Fayette, Mo., passed a Pit Bull ban. ARFF MO is a 501 c3 Non-Profit organization saving one pit bull at a time. ARFF MO is based out of Fayette, MO.

Their mission is to promote public safety through education about responsible pet care as an alternative to banning breeds of dogs. Their organization focuses on education, legislation, and rescuing to accomplish their mission.

ARFFMO envisions a community with fewer dog bites and attacks, fewer unwanted pets, and a place were citizens are allowed to own whatever breed of dog they wish within the city limits of their hometowns. They have worked very hard to educate the public about the true nature of pit bull type dogs. Come join their ARFF MO Pit Crew team!

Second Chance Makes Families!
Second Chance was founded in 1985 as a privately-funded, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rehoming unwanted animals. Some of their animals come to them as strays or from local shelters, while others are given up by families who have to make the tough decision to find a new home for their animal.

Through the kindness of Second Chance’s volunteers and their foster homes, they care for dogs and cats while they search for their new forever home. At no time are animals euthanized just because they don’t have a home. Second Chance animals patiently wait to find just the right person or people to complete their family. Second Chance follows best-practice recommendations in order to provide pets with the best quality medical care, food, socialization, and training available. Their volunteers and donors ensure that they can continually strive to increase the number of animals they care for each year. Help them achieve this goal by donating, volunteering, adopting, and educating. Contact them to find out more!

Helping pets in need since 1943 – Central Missouri Humane Society
CMHS’s primary goal is to find caring, lasting homes for every adoptable animal; they place more animals than any other humane organization in central Missouri. CMHS staff and volunteers care for more than 200 animals daily.

The most important way to reduce the unwanted pet population is through spay/neuter; last year the CMHS veterinary facility (that primarily serves economically disadvantaged members of the community) spayed or neutered 2,832 animals.

They are able to expand their limited shelter capacity through the kindness of more than 100 foster caregivers; approximately 300 volunteers augment their shelter staff.

CMHS has a contract with the City of Columbia to care and seek homes for dogs picked up by Animal Control and not claimed by owners within a seven-day period. CMHS is not affiliated with any national humane organizations and generate their funding primarily through private donations. It costs over $17,000 per week to run the shelter. With more than 3,000 pets looking for new homes each year, CMHS could use your help! Contact them today to learn how you can help!