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Celebrating 15 Years – Thank you!

A Treats Unleashed Tale …
“The idea for Treats Unleashed started when my husband, Ian, and I moved to back to St. Louis in 2002 and had a difficult time finding healthy and nutritious pet food and treat options for our two dachshunds, Max and Mickey. We realized that we were not the only ones looking for a better alternative for our pets, so we thought we’d give it a shot and start our own company that focused solely on fresh-baked pet treats and all-natural pet foods.”

“My dad, pictured below, has a PhD in food science and spent his career in animal nutrition. He helped us develop the recipes for all the treats on our treat tables today. We baked our first batch of Apple Cinnamon Hearts and sold them at a kiosk in the mall. Before we knew it, we had the whole family helping us paint our first store in Chesterfield! From there, we’ve grown to a total of 12 stores over the past 15 years! Today, we are still 100% family-owned. My sister is the manager at our Chesterfield location, and you will almost always find our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews helping at our Treats Unleashed events. We couldn’t be more thankful for your continued support as we continue to grow and make a positive impact on the lives of pets.” ~ Teresa, Owner & Founder