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Battle BARK to School Boredom!

{With Interactive Puzzle Toys}

The kids are back to school and your pups are bored and lonesome! What can you do to keep your dog entertained until the kids get home?

Here are a few easy-to-do ideas to keep your pets busy until the scholl bus rolls down the street.

  • A little peanut butter or a classic Treats Unleashed biscuit are perfect for stuffing a Kong.
  • Toppl treat toys filled with kibble, peanut butter or cream cheese get dogs up and moving around – you can even use as a slow feeder so you can finish your morning coffee!
  • Qwizl toys stuffed with duck feet, bully sticks or Etta Says chews will keep even the most powerful chewers busy for a few hours!
  • Tizzi toys hold half of a Mutter Butter soft bite and keep even the biggest puppy busy! Stuff a small piece of cheese stick in the Tizzi and your dog will not stop until every bit is finished.
  • Antlers and other all-natural chews also work great on the days when you can’t get outside and play.
  • To add a bit of “nose work” to your dog’s day, hide some of these enrichment toys around the house for her to find!
  • Cute ZippyPaws Burrow plushes are great “Hide & Seek” toys for bored, lonely dogs.

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~ Teresa, owner and founder