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August Frequent Barker Club Specials

Each month we offer specials savings just for you on handpicked selections of new or popular products for your pets.

Don’t miss these end of summer specials! Stock up and save. Offers end August, 31, 2017.


Buy any bag 14 oz. package of Primal freeze-dried food for cats or dogs and get a 16 oz.  carton of Primal Goat’s Milk FREE!

Here’s why we are excited about Primal raw goat’s milk. Raw goat’s milk serves as a all-natural digestive aid for pets. It is also an easy way to increase their daily moisture intake, especially for cats who have a low thirst drive by nature. If your senior pet needs a little dietary boost, raw goat’s milk is an easy to feed source of added nutrition; it also works well for pets who have diminished appetites, too.

Raw goat’s milk can also be used for bottle feeding kittens and it is an excellent alternative to chemical-laden kitten formulas that are on the market! Stop by your favorite Treats Unleashed for more information about this all-natural complete food!

Take 15% OFF any Lynchburger antler! First time on sale!

Dogs love deer antlers! The dogs that appreciate chewing antlers the most are young dogs and dogs that just love to chew. Chewing antlers is very good for dogs in many ways. It helps keep their teeth clean, and it expends energy and keeps the dog out of trouble and out from under foot. Antler chews are also full of nutrients such as calcium. Like any dog chew, you do need to be careful when allowing your dog to chew on an antler. The main concerns are breaking a tooth or choking on the antler chew. To prevent these things from happening, be sure to supervise your dog’s antler chewing

Save 20% on Tropiclean tooth gels and NEW Tripleflex brushes

Good oral care is about more than making your pets’ smiles sparkle — it’s an important component of their overall health! In fact, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3.

Troiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel for cats and dogs has a unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients that removes and defends against plaque and tartar, providing fresh breath for friendlier smooches. Clean teeth, fresh breath, no brushing!

The new Tropiclean TripleFlex Toothbrush cleans 3x faster with its easy 360-degree bristles, cleaning all surfaces in less time. Hurry in today and start your pet on the path to good dental health!