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"pawtoberfest" fbc specials

Halt deine Lederhosen fest! (Translation: Hold onto your Lederhosen!) Treats Unleashed is serving up some “grobartig” Frequent Barkers Club specials for October.

$2/$3 off Primal raw food for dogs and catsprimal bag catFPF3_grid – $2 off 3 lb. bags of Primal raw medallions; $3 off 6 lb. bags of Primal raw patties. Primal formulas offer you the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself.

bff cansBuy 3, get 1 free BFF (Best Friends Foods) canned cat food – With a high-quality protein focus and limited carbohydrates, your kitty will enjoy BFF’s grain-free, low fat recipes that also deliver the high moisture your cat needs. If your cat is your BFF, then feed them the Best Feline Food!

Fromm four star$3 off Fromm Four-Star dry food – Save $3 on any bag of Fromm Four-Star dog food (12 lbs. or larger) and save $3 on any bag of Fromm 4-Star cat food (5 lbs. or larger. Fromm Four-Star dry foods offer pets the variety they deserve. They’ve designed every recipe in their line to complement each other, allowing you to switch between and combine recipes.

stella & chewy carnivore crunch$3 off Stella & Chew’s Carnivore Crunch freeze-dried treats – Cater to the carnivore in your dog with Carnivore Crunch Treats. These all-natural, formed morsels can be given whole as a training reward, or crumbled over food at meal times for added flavor and nutrition.

Your pets will love these “pawtoberfest” fbc specials and so will your wallet! Prost!


While supplies last. Expires Oct. 31, 2014.

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