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nutrition tip

puppy-eating-from-food-bowl-horizHere’s a question from a customer that we had to share.

Q. We are switching our dog’s food. How should we handle the transition?
A. Treats Unleashed does not want your dog to experience any digestive issues when transitioning to a new food. We suggest that you do a gradual transition to the new food. Begin with a mixture of 25% of the new food and 75% of the old brand for three days then switch to 50/50. After three days you can move to 75% new/25% old to finish the transition. If, at any time, your dog has a loose stool or digestive upset, slow down the transition and step back to the previous mix for 2-3 days. A pumpkin supplement with probiotics can help the transition, too. The calorie count may be different between the foods. Be sure to feed only enough to maintain a slightly lean body mass.

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