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cooper's corner – oct. 11

<this week, I’m enjoying autumn. you can reach me at>

I love fall. Love it, love it, love it. The squirrels are everywhere (just begging me to bark at them), and the leaves are starting to fall. My big friend, Heart, loves to roll in the leaves and dirt this time of year and chase squirrels, too.

There is one downside to fall – it gets dark early now. I was discussing with Heart the fact that walking in the dark with your human presents a safety issue. Luckily, I may have found the solution to this problem – the Boett reflective collar just slips on over my existing collar before my walk and helps the cars see Teresa and me in the dark. The collars are available at all the TU shops.

The Boett reflective collars were designed after the family got their first dog and realized the huge importance of dogs and humans wearing reflective items when taking a walk at night. Problem solved and I look good, if I do say so myself.

Next problem, I’m cold. Bet I know where I can find a nice coat! Be sure to stop by the shop soon for the best selection.

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